Homage: to pay respect or to honor something.

Street Food: inexpensive hand held foods obtainable from street side vendors, often from a make shift or potable stall.

We are a husband and wife team currently working on opening our first restaurant. We have both spent many years toiling long hours in the trenches of the restaurant industry and sharing a deep love of ethnic foods, booze and travel.

In our travels we have found to understand the true essence of a culture you should begin with their cuisine. The best way to experience their food is at the road side markets, food carts, small hole in the wall cafes and bars. The food is affordable, fresh, seasonal and locally sourced, prepared by house wives, farmers, fisherman, every day people. We’ve enjoyed empanadas in Lima, Nutella crepes in Paris, churros in Madrid and even pizza baked in a stone oven on a food truck in Aix en Provance. We are hoping to create some of the dishes from our travels and some dishes from Countries we hope to visit in the near future.

We will offer a seasonal menu, using locally sourced ingredients. Dishes like Bunny Chow from South Africa, Curry Wurst from Germany, Gim Bap from Korea, Arepas from Colombia, Pho Bo from Vietnam, Doro Watt from Ethiopia will be  just a few of the dishes we will have on our menu along side a seasonal dumpling menu.

We will do our best to pay Homage to these wonderful and exotic dishes from around the world and hope you will enjoy them also.




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